642 tiny things to write about journalistic inc

And Now, On With the List: Congressman Dennis Kucinich D-Ohio said that Obama had violated the Constitution when he launched military operations in thehill. In AprilRalph Nader news.

642 tiny things to write about journalistic inc

Plus ca change and all that The shit remains the same. Only the flies have changed. Apparently that's all fine with the chattering classes who wished this upon SA Solid Rust Twotter 24th Apr In the bowels of Africa's largest hospital, doctors carry out emergency surgery by the light of a cellphone while, in a nearby ward, seriously ill patients are sardined three-to-a-bed.

Twenty years after South Africans jubilantly swept apartheid aside, Johannesburg's Chris Hani Baragwanath Hospital, like many of the country's post-apartheid institutions, has failed to live up to the dream. Away from the country's high-profile political scandals, a more pernicious institutional crisis is ravaging the "Rainbow Nation".

Small municipalities and large ministries are being eaten away by corruption, mismanagement and the enormity of serving all of the country's 51 million citizens, not just an elite few.

The problems are "systemic" and require a complete "overhaul" according to Phophi Ramathuba of the country's doctors association, but they are not limited to the health sector. Education failure In Limpopo 5 children had no textbooks for more than six months because the government stuffed-up a delivery contract.

At an upscale housing estate in Pretoria ill-trained or reckless police tramp through a suspected murder crime scene, putting their own case in jeopardy, while some investigations into the politically connected are dropped. It has become like a militia - like Haiti's Tonton Macoute," said political analyst Moeletsi Mbeki, the brother of former president Thabo, referring to the brutal paramilitary force created by ex-dictator Francois 'Papa Doc' Duvalier.

At the advent of democracy on 27 April Baragwanath Hospital had a stellar reputation, receiving referral patients from far beyond South Africa's borders. Its doctors had already successfully separated conjoined twins, while Groote Schuur hospital in Cape Town was the first place in the world to successfully carry out a heart transplant.

With universal suffrage came a duty to care for tens of millions of black patients who had largely been denied access to quality care for most of the previous century under racist apartheid laws.

He remembers an incident two weeks ago when three very ill patients were forced to share a bed in an admission ward that checks in more than patients each day. In another recent case a woman was forced to share a bed with a male patient.

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State "hospitals were much better run under apartheid", he said, dismissing suggestions that the expansion of medical coverage to black patients is the root of the system's problems.

The party's leadership has "allowed corruption to take root, ran an ineffectual bureaucracy and education system, and spent millions on vanity projects," said analyst Max du Preez, in a recent book A Rumour of Spring. While Mandela sought to retain all but the most politically-warped white civil servants needed to run the country, many still left.

Most were sacked to make way for those with a lower albedo, more pleasing to the current crop of race obsessed trough snufflers. They were replaced by party acolytes who too often used the public sector for self-enrichment, looting coffers through manipulation while the people were neglected through poor service delivery.

This is a consequence of the government's "misguided cadre deployment policy". Not all is lost Despite the bleak picture, the country is unlikely to turn into a failed state and a few institutions still function well.

A shortage of a key chemotherapy drug has halted treatment for certain cancer patients at the Charlotte Maxeke Johannesburg Hospital.

642 tiny things to write about journalistic inc

Patients who need to be treated with Gemzar chemotherapy have been told that it is not available as the supplier has not been paid.

Gemzar is a chemotherapy drug used to treat non-small cell lung cancer, pancreatic cancer, metastatic breast cancer, and ovarian cancer. In one case, a breast cancer patient's chemotherapy was halted in the middle of a multi-week treatment, which is extremely dangerous.

This chemo drug shortage is totally unacceptable as it is endangering the lives of vulnerable patients. We need swift action to procure this drug and answers as to why medicine shortages continue to happen at Gauteng state hospitals. Eskom has asked government for a Rbillion "equity injection" to alleviate its cash-flow situation.

According to Business Day, the power utility will also approach the National Electricity Regulator of South Africa to review its tariffs. Ilkova said that Eskom was currently undercapitalised and that a government guarantee would be a boost for bond investors.

A Public Enterprises Department spokesperson said that the department was considering ways to help Eskom but added that no financial assistance was being discussed yet.Included in this bibliography is a listing of prose and poetry work by Métis writers who do not necessarily write about Métis themes.

This includes books by Sandra Birdsell and Jacqueline Guest and others. It was also reported that cheap computer software could produce the exact same calligraphy for a tiny fraction of that cost. ) In June , Obama’s computer programmers said that they had been unable to write a computer program that simultaneously agreed with both of these rules.

Metra Biosystems, Inc. - Labor Productivity Benchmarks and International Gap Analysis, Inc. Icon Group International The Shadows of Christmas Past, Christine Feehan, Susan Sizemore.

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To do so I'll merely quote a tiny portion of a paper written by author Richard S. Westfall entitled; 'Galileo 'So this became a journalistic calling for me to find out why this was.' Again implying more than a passing interest in the guy, AT THE TIME.

642 tiny things to write about journalistic inc

There exists today a debate between anti-masons & Masons as to whether Albert Pike did. May 07,  · Take your favorite song, and write a story that fits the story of that song. Some great bands to use are Evanescence, Muse, and The Used. If they’re not your style, try listening on Pandora for something that tickles your fancy, and use that.

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